Saturday, May 27, 2006

Oraspeed 2.7

Oraspeed 2.7 has been released.
Features: Using this Oracle IDE you can write and test Queries. Create, Compile, Execute and Debug your PL/SQL Programs. Execute Anonymous PL/SQL Blocks. Create/Edit Database object using advanced wizards. TKProf, PL/SQL Profiler, Parent Child Tables Data Explorer,Built-in reports, BLOB Editor and much more.

Interesting thing is how these products compare to Oracle's free SQLDeveloper or Qwest's TOAD. Any comments?


Anonymous said...

Oraspeed has some really interesting features which makes it a good integrated FTP explorer, plsql profiler, variables look-up while editing a pl/sql program and lot of minor things which makes it an intersting stuff to work with.


Anonymous said...

I think Oraspeed is good for developers, but DBA features are pretty limited.